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The "Urban Triangle" Grey T- Shirt

Inspired by picasso's cubist period. 

100% Viscose, hand dyed 


Size Guidelines :

Size S: Full chest size 37.8 Inch (96 CM), Length 26.4 Inch (67 CM), Width 18.9 Inch (48 CM)

Size M: Full chest size 38.6 Inch (98 CM), Length 27.2 Inch (69 CM), Width 19.3 (49 CM)

Size L: Full chest size 40.2 Inch (102 CM), Length 27.5 Inch (70 CM), Width 20.1 (51 CM)


Urban Triangle Grey T- Shirt

  • 100%  Hand dyed viscosee 

    Unique t shirt cut 

    High quality digitally printed illustration inspired by urban street art  

    Hand made touch of embroidery- designer's signature 

    Scroll down for size description 

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